50 Small Gifts for a Golden Wedding

A genuinely special golden wedding gift is one that shows you’ve taken the time and effort to come up with something meaningful for the recipient. A great way to do that is to choose fifty smaller items. You could choose one item and get fifty of them or come up with fifty different items. With some careful planning, you can also link the gifts to the golden couple’s interests or to the golden theme.

Because there are several gifts involved and possibly a large amount of wrapping, this is an excellent opportunity for you to team up with other people. If you have other friends looking to buy the couple a present why not join forces and create a unique gift of fifty items.

Fifty of the Same Item

There are some things that people just won’t want fifty of, so you must choose carefully. Matching the gift to their interests is a great way of ensuring the golden couple will enjoy it. . With these ideas, you can either get fifty of the same thing or mix and match a few of each. We’ve divided these suggestions into common themes and interests:

Fifty Gold Items

One of the best things about a 50th wedding anniversary is that the gold theme is so versatile. It’s easy to add a touch of gold to almost anything and finding 50 gold gifts is a great way to celebrate such a special day.

  • Ferrero Rocher – Wrapped in gold and completely delicious, who wouldn’t want to receive 50 of these?
  • Gold CoinsThis is a useful budget option, and you’ll likely have a few left over for yourself.
  • White Chocolate Lindor – These are the ones wrapped in golf and this handy pack comes with exactly 50.
  • Gold candles – These beautiful tapered candles could be used to decorate the party or as a gift for later use.
  • Gold balloons – It’s up to you whether these are inflated or not.


  • 50 bulbs or seeds– One of the official flowers for a golden wedding is violets so you could get 50 violet seeds.
  • 50 Seed bombs – These are tiny rainbow coloured paper balls packed with wildflower seeds.

Food and Drink

  • 50 Cookies/biscuits/cupcakes – This one’s a real winner, especially if you make them yourself.
  • Fifty craft beers – This isn’t going to be one of the cheapest gifts but it’ll be well received, fifty beers for fifty years!
  • Fifty small wine bottles – Several large wine brands do small taster bottles, mix up several different types if you can.

Cooking and Baking

  • 50 Herbs and Spices – Perfect for the keen cook, try and get a few uncommon ones as well as the store cupboard staples.
  • 50 Recipes – This is a beautifully personal idea and can be collected in a scrapbook.

Health and Beauty

  • Fifty decorative candles – You could get some scented tea lights or go for something a bit more upmarket.
  • Fifty bath bombs – Pick and mix the best mini bath bombs you can find.

If you can’t find anything here that both the bride and groom will enjoy you could split it and do 25 items for the bride and 25 for the groom.

Fifty Different Gifts

This is an incredibly personal gift option that’s bound to be remembered for many years. It’s also time-consuming so you may want to get someone else to help you hunt for all the different items. We’ve made some useful suggestions here but you can add your own ideas and mix in anything you think the golden couple will like. You can also mix up the size and expense of the items. Get a few more valuable gifts and mix them in with the budget items. If you prefer you can choose 25 items and buy two of each, one for each person.

  1. A printed and laminated anniversary poem
  2. A joke printed and laminated
  3. A family recipe printed and laminated
  4. The lyrics or music from the first dance song printed and laminated.
  5. A photo keyring of the happy couple
  6. A small framed photo of their friends or family (or fridge magnet)
  7. A gold candle – This could be as simple as a birthday candle.
  8. A pack of gold confetti
  9. A gold balloon
  10. A decorative candle
  11. A packet of Werther’s original
  12. A bag of gold chocolate coins
  13. A box of White Chocolate Lindor Truffles
  14. Ferrero Rocher
  15. A Gold bar biscuit
  16. Gold Kitkat – These were released as limited editions but can still be found in some shops.
  17. A small bottle of prosecco
  18. A bottle of beer
  19. Brandy miniature
  20. Wine bottle miniature
  21. A wine glass/champagne flute
  22. A mug – Tesco do some great ones from £1.50 or you could go for a photo mug.
  23. A hot chocolate sachet
  24. A tea bag
  25. A pen
  26. A pencil
  27. A book of word puzzles
  28. A packet of biscuits
  29. A pair of socks
  30. A party popper
  31. A packet of post its
  32. Daffodil bulbs
  33. A single yellow rose – Ideally Golden Celebration
  34. Wildflower seeds
  35. A little bag of golden sand
  36. A pot of gold paint
  37. A small pot plant
  38. A tube of gold glitter
  39. A small bar of scented soap
  40. A box of matches
  41. A small key (to unlock the next phase of marriage)
  42. A mini jar of jam
  43. A mini jar of honey
  44. A mini jar of marmalade
  45. The name of the couple made out of Scrabble letters
  46. A tea towel
  47. A shower puff
  48. A tin of travel sweets
  49. A pack of note cards
  50. A small bottle of essential oil

Golden Couples
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