50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Wedding anniversaries are a cause for joyful celebration, particularly if your friends have reached a significant milestone. While you might typically write a card to mark an anniversary, for this one, you’ll likely want to send a thoughtful gift.

Finding the right present for a couple can be difficult, particularly if you want to find something memorable that both of them will enjoy. While numerous companies and websites provide gifts specifically for anniversaries, they often miss the mark. They’re either too tacky or just don’t deliver the necessary personal touch.

To help you find the right gift for your friends 50th anniversary, we’ve put our heads together to create this article. It’s packed with ideas, inspiration and advice to help you come up with something that won’t break the bank but will meaningfully express how much the special couple mean to you.

How to Choose a 50th Anniversary Gift for Friends

Buying a gift for your friends on their fiftieth wedding anniversary is a vastly different challenge to buying birthday or Christmas presents. The key is to choose something personal that will link to the occasion in some way. Some connections could be:

  • Sticking to a gold theme.
  • Referencing the number 50 or the date.
  • Referring to the date of their wedding.
  • Linking it to the theme of lasting love.
  • Choosing something that connects to an interest that the couple share.
  • Focusing on specific memories that you have of their marriage or their lives together.
  • Something that they can enjoy together in the future.

These all connect to the celebration in a way that will make sure your gift won’t be forgotten.

50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends

If you’re still not sure where to start, here are some ideas that we loved. Because the best anniversary gifts are the most personal ones, use these suggestions to get you started and add your own spin for a truly memorable gift:

1. Caithness Glass Gold Heart Paperweight

This handmade crystal paperweight from Caithness Glass features a gold background with a small heart in the centre. It’s only about 2.5 inches high; it’s small but perfectly formed. It’s also ideally sized for being placed on a sideboard or bookshelf as a reminder of fifty happy years.

2. Pair of Golden Anniversary Mugs

These sparkly golden mugs say ‘Golden Anniversary’ and can be customised with names and dates. Each mug holds 11oz and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. They’re well-suited if you want a gift that’s light-hearted, personal and links to the gold theme.

3. A Pair of Always and Forever Photo Mugs

These Always and Forever mugs from Funky Pigeon have a heart design that can be filled with photographs. If you have some pictures of the couple or photos from a particular memory or event they were part of, you can use them to make a completely unique memento. Every time the bride and groom sit down for a cup of tea they can look at the pictures and enjoy the memories.

4. Golden Wedding Engraved Clock

This wooden mantelpiece clock has been specially designed to be a golden wedding gift. The wooden body is cream with the clock face picked out in gold. You can have your own message added in black lettering onto the front. Surprisingly affordable, this clock is a pleasing combination of functional clock and delightful keepsake.

5. 50th Anniversary Keepsake Frame

If you’re looking for something simple yet effective, this keepsake frame is ideal. Featuring space for two pictures, one of the wedding day and one of the golden anniversary, this can be given on it’s own without adding the pictures. However, if you prefer you can always take some appropriate photos and fill it before wrapping.

6. Chocolate Gift Box

This luxury presentation box comes with a selection of about 18 classic Cadbury’s chocolate bars. It has a matt black finish and you can have your own words written across the lid in gold. It’s likely that the chocolates won’t last long but the box can be kept and refilled with more sweet treats or other small treasures.

7. Snowdonia Cheese Company Three Cheese Selection

The Snowdonia Cheese Company offer this three cheese gift set of their most famous products. It comes with 200g of Black Bomber, Green Thunder and Red Devil. If you’re buying for a pair of foodies, then you can’t get better than this. Black Bomber has won at the The Great British Cheese Awards, Nantwich International Cheese Awards, the World Cheese Awards and the Mondial Fromage in France. Red Devil was a winner at the Nantwich International Cheese Awards.

8. Gourmet Coffee Gift Box

This gift box is the ideal gift for coffee lovers, each box comes with two 227g bags of gourmet coffee selected from over 17 different countries. You can choose whether you want it to be in beans, or pre-ground you can let them know what type of coffees the golden couple prefers. The beans are ethically sourced from single-origin micro-lot farmers. The box also has notecards for every coffee explaining everything about it and where it was grown.

9. A Box of Stories

A Box of Stories offers a box of four brand new books from undiscovered authors as a one-off or as a monthly subscription. You can choose from a variety of different boxes, including mixed, fiction, crime and thriller, light reads, young adult, science fiction & fantasy and historical fiction. With four books in each box, this is a great gift for a couple to share. You could buy a one-off box and if they enjoy it the couple can sign up for the regular service.

10. Bloom Box Club

The Bloom Box is a gift box or subscription that’s for anyone who loves to keep their home full of plants. Each box contains a plant, a ceramic pot or basket, a printed information booklet and a surprise gift. This service is designed to promote wellness by helping people add nature to their home environments.

11. A Yellow Rose That Lasts A Year

Yellow roses are the official flower of the golden wedding anniversary. However, a bouquet of roses may only last a week; this beautifully presented single rose comes in a 7cm by 7cm acrylic box and has been carefully preserved to last a year without the need for water or food. It’s a real bloom, harvested from South America, but it’s perfect for anyone even someone who usually struggles to keep a houseplant alive.

12. Handmade Metal Planter

This handmade metal planter comes with a wooden stand and you can have a personal message written across the front in gold. It’s made from galvanised steel and painted with scratch-resistant matt paint. If you add the date of the wedding and a short message it will become a treasured gift perfect for your friend’s golden wedding celebration.

13. Engraved Couples Terracotta Flower Pot

Another planter, this one’s a traditional terracotta pot with a personalised design on the front. You can add your friend’s name to the design along with the date of their wedding. Although this one doesn’t link as closely to a gold theme it still looks great and would work well indoors or outside.

14. 50-shaped Photo Collage

If you have lots of photos of your friends then this is a great way to display them. Simply upload them to Etsy and they will be printed into this incredible 50 shaped display. You can choose to have them in black and white or colour, whichever you prefer. This unique gift is one of the best ways we’ve seen to utilise the number 50; not only does it look great in its own right but the recipient will love looking at each of the pictures.

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