Choosing a Dress for A Golden Wedding

Deciding what dress to wear for a golden wedding anniversary can be a challenge. Whether it’s your celebration or you’re a guest, there are a lot of factors to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the key questions you may need to answer to find the perfect dress:

Do I Have to Wear Gold to a 50th Wedding Anniversary?

No, there is no obligation to wear gold. It’s much more important to choose something that suits you and makes you feel great. The main reasons you might need to choose a gold dress are:

  • If you’re organising a party with a gold theme.
  • If the host has requested that you wear gold.
  • If you find a gold dress that you love.

If you want to link your outfit to the gold theme but can’t find the right dress you can always add a touch of gold with accessories:

Gold Shoes

You could try these slip-on heels, some slingback pointed court shoes or these stunning gold ballet flats.

Gold Handbag

This gold clutch is the perfect addition to any outfit from cocktail dresses to something much more casual.

A Gold Belt

A simple gold belt is incredibly versatile and can be paired with other gold items to make a sparkling impression.

What Should I Wear to My 50th Anniversary Party?

If it’s your golden wedding then it’s completely up to you how you celebrate and what you wear. However, if you want to wear gold, as the host you can go for it far more than the guests can. If you’ve had your eye on a gold sequinned cocktail dress then now is the best time to buy it. It would also be completely appropriate to find a dress you already have and add some accessories to make it stand out.

What Should a Guest Wear to a Golden Wedding?

As a guest, you should start by following the dress code. Unless it’s requested in the invite, in most cases, it’s best to avoid a completely gold dress and keep to hints of gold or one or two gold accessories. If the dress code isn’t mentioned in the invite don’t be afraid to ask your host when you RSVP.

If you’re still not sure what type of dress is appropriate you can look for clues, such as; Where and when is the party taking place? The type of venue and the time of day should help you decide whether you need something formal or something more casual.

What is the Dress Code for a Golden Wedding Anniversary?

There is no set dress code for a golden wedding celebration so you must refer to the invitation to understand what is expected. Some people prefer to celebrate in the style of the original wedding, others prefer a much more informal gathering.

Here are some of the most common dress codes and some suggestions of what type of dress you could wear:

Smart Casual

For an anniversary party with a smart casual dress code, you need to find the balance between relaxed and professional attire. There are many suitable dress types but it’s best to focus on block colours and to avoid anything too casual such as denim. If you don’t want to wear a dress you could go for a jumpsuit or a blouse with a skirt or trousers.

This knee-length dress is beautifully simple and would be ideal for dressing up with some gold accessories.

Jumper dresses are ideal for smart-casual parties in the autumn or winter. Their simplicity also means that they look great with a gold clutch or other accessories. Or, you could choose this design and opt for the gold one.

Some maxi dresses can also be appropriate for smart casual. This one combines block colours with patterns in a way that takes it from just casual to ideal for a smart-casual occasion.

Cocktail Attire

For cocktail parties, you can opt for something a bit shorter with some more detail or frill. This crew neck cocktail dress keeps things simple but still offers classic elegance. Match it with some gold jewellery and you’ll have the perfect golden wedding outfit. With a little bit of accessorizing, this one would even work if it’s your golden wedding.

If bling is your thing you could go with this V-neck body-con gold dress. It’s ideal for cocktail parties matches the gold theme and definitely has the wow factor.

Black Tie

In the UK it’s relatively rare for a wedding or anniversary celebration to go full black tie. However, if you are invited to a more formal occasion you can opt for a full floor-length gown, an evening dress or you could get away with a stunning mid-length cocktail dress. For most golden wedding parties that mimic the style of a wedding, you can opt for any seasonally appropriate evening dress. This elegant A-line evening dress isn’t gold but has more than enough style (and sequins) to make up for that.

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