Personalized Gifts: 50th Wedding Anniversary

If you’ve been invited to a 50th wedding celebration you may be feeling the pressure to find a truly unique gift. While there are more gift options available than ever before, most of them fall into the same common categories.

Instead of spending hours looking for a one-of-a-kind item that the golden couple may or may not even like, why not try a personalized gift. With a little engraving, embroidering, or printing you can add a personal picture, message, or date the turns your gift into something that can be treasured forever.

How Can I Personalize a Golden Wedding Gift?

As you’ll see, there are lots of items that can be personalized. This allows you to get them quicker and will likely save you money as well. However, if you prefer, you can buy an item, then personalize it yourself or take it to a professional to give it a unique twist.

These are some popular ways to personalize your golden wedding present:

Engraving – Simple engraving can be done by hand but it’s now commonly computer controlled which means the messages or images can be much more complicated. Engraving works best with wood or metal items but you must check that your intended item can be engraved before you buy it.

Embroidery/fabric printing – Embroidery is a great way to add short pieces of text or numbers. It’s most commonly used for initials, monograms, or dates. It’s usually hard-wearing and won’t come off in the wash, however, if you want a more complicated message or image you may need it printed onto the fabric. Fabric printing is an excellent option because you can get repeating patterns, photos, or even long messages added to most clothing, bags, bedclothes, or cushions.

Printing – Printing is commonly used to make frameable messages, pictures, or photos. It can also be used to add things to books, diaries, placemats, coasters, or mouse mats. There are lots of printing services available that will be happy to help you customize their preselected options or you can use a free service like Canva to create your own unique designs.

Hampers and collections – You don’t have to use images and messages to personalize your gift. Collecting a range of different presents based on the interests of the golden couple is a great way to make a present completely original. You could base it on a theme such as gardening or cooking or you could match it to the occasion and choose several gold items. Even small, affordable items can be made to look worthy of a 50th wedding anniversary when they’re collected together and presented uniquely.

Unique items linked to dates or people – Finding an item that’s personal to the couple can be tricky but if you’re close to them and know them well it’s an option. You could go for something that will spark a happy memory, a memento of their wedding or where it was held, or even something such as a newspaper that commemorates the date.

DIY personalization – If you enjoy crafts or are a dab hand in the kitchen you could make your own completely unique gift. Alternatively, you could buy a gift and add your own homemade labels and embellishments.

Best Personalized Gifts for a 50th Anniversary

Here are our suggestions for a unique, personalized 50th-anniversary gift:

1. A Golden Wedding Rose in a Personalized Crate

Personalized Golden Anniversary Rose Gift

Yellow roses are one of the official flowers for 50th wedding anniversaries and this one is a variety specifically named ‘Golden Wedding’. This set from Not on the Highstreet is my absolute favorite personalized gift, the rose plant would even be excellent on its own but this set gives you the option of adding chocolates, a bottle of bubbly and even a personal message on a small plaque.

2. 50th Wedding Anniversary Champagne

Let’s face it, Champagne is a great way to mark any occasion. A great bottle could be enjoyed on the day or saved to be enjoyed by the couple at a later date.

This 75 cl bottle is De Linières Brut NV and was crafted by Champagne Tribaut Schloesser in Romery, in the heart of France’s Champagne region. It features a black and gold label that says ‘50th Wedding Anniversary’. You can add your own names or short message up to 25 characters.

As an added extra you can also get a pair of engraved Swarovski crystal champagne flutes or present it in style with a personalized wooden gift box.

3. A Historic Newspaper

Personalized Newspaper

A newspaper from the date of the wedding is a great way to commemorate the occasion. Several companies offer genuine original copies that come with certificates of authenticity and a dedication slip with space to add your message. You could present it as it is, have it framed in gold or pair it with a bottle of Tattinger champagne.

4. A Cheeseboard or Chopping Board

Cheeseboards and chopping boards offer lots of great space for engraving personal messages or pictures. They’re also ideal for a couple who love to cook together, or just love a great meal.

This cheeseboard set available from Amazon holds four handy tools and can have four lines of text on the top with the option of a longer message on the back.

If you want something a little larger, this chopping board is 20cm by 30cm and has lots of space for a personal message. You can also choose between slate or wood.

5. A Beautiful Brass Sundial

Brass Engraved Sundial

This well-made brass sundial is the ideal gift for any couple who enjoys spending time outside in their garden. It can be engraved with two messages, one across the middle and one around the edge. This is the kind of gift that will last for decades and will always spark memories of fifty years of marriage and their golden celebration.

6. A Wooden Photo Frame

If you have a great photo of the golden couple or a memory you shared with them you can make it even more special by pairing it with a unique frame. This oak wood finished frame comes in a choice of three sizes; 4×6 inches 5×7 inches and 8×10 inches. It features a quote about love and you can choose two names to embellish the top and bottom edges.

7. A Unique OS Map Print

Personalized OS Map

Maps are a wonderfully visual way to celebrate a relationship and prompt memories of certain treasured places. This print features two heart-shaped maps of any location of your choice. You can choose the wording around them and even include another 60 characters at the bottom. Your gift will be printed using a commercial digital printer on 250gsm luxury silk paper and you can opt for A5, A4, or A3. For a little extra you can include a solid wood frame or you can purchase a frame separately.

8. A Framed Poster of the Year

This framed 50th wedding anniversary poster includes lots of facts and trivia about the year of the wedding. It includes recent movies, headlines, sporting news and even the most popular baby names. At the top, you can add the date of the wedding and the names of the couple. It comes in a range of sizes, including A4, A3, A2 and A1. There are also several framing options or you can purchase the print on its own and frame it yourself.

9. A Photobook of Memories

Golden Wedding Photo Book

If you’re looking for a present for a couple you’re particularly close to you may have lots of photos. Or, you may be able to collect photos from their friends and family. If you do have access to several memorable photos the best way to present them is a photobook. This will let you tell the story of their 50-year relationship and give them something to look through as they take a trip down memory lane. Companies like Photobook UK have lots of ready-made designs so you can just upload your pictures, place them in the template and let them do the rest.

10. A Customised Board Game

Board games are a great way to pass the time and have fun with your friends and family. Now you can add a personal touch to a game and turn it into a unique gift. On Etsy there are lots of games, including Monopoly, Guess Who and Connect 4 that can be embellished with names, messages and pictures. This is one of those gifts that’s great fun and is unique enough that hopefully, no one else will think of it.

11. A Memory Tin or a Gift Tin

Personalized Memory Tin

Proper Goose offers a range of stylish tins that come with the name of your choice across the lid and contain a selection of interesting items or goodies. Some have standard designs but others can be personalized with names, messages and pictures. You can then buy the tin on its own or opt for it to come prefilled with a selection of sweets or other small items.

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