Practical Gifts for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

With any golden wedding anniversary gift there’s a chance that it may get looked at and be completely forgotten. Buying a practical gift that the happy couple might actually want to use is a great way to ensure that it’ll be remembered for many years to come.

Although it’s understandable to want to give a unique, exciting gift, most people will admit to preferring to receive something they can use regularly. We’ve created this list to help you find the best practical gifts for any golden wedding celebration. They’re useful yet interesting and will never be hidden away in a cupboard to gather dust.

How to Choose a Great Practical Gift

The key to getting the right practical gift is to match it precisely to the recipients. Something one person may use every day may never see the light of day in the hands of someone else.

To get some inspiration either spend some time with the couple or talk to close friends and family. Look out for the things they enjoy doing; do they have any hobbies or interests? Are there any items in their home that are so well used they’re worn out and need replacing?

Best Practical Gifts

We’ve divided our selection of practical gifts into sections based on some common interests. This will help you start your search and make it easier to find the ideal gift.

Cooking and Baking:

A Professional Knife Set

A well-made knife can make a vast difference to your cooking and if you keep it sharp it can even reduce accidents. This three-piece set from Zwilling features easy-grip handles and ice-hardened steel blades. They’re made in Germany and you get one larding and garnishing knife with a 10 cm blade, one meat knife with a 16 cm blade and one chef’s knife with a 20 cm blade.

A Set of Quality Spices

Turkish Spice Set and Grinder

For the keen cook, a set of quality spices can take a recipe from boring to exceptional. This beautiful gift set collects all of the main Turkish spices in a wooden presentation box. You also get an attractive metal spice grinder to make it easy to add them to any dish.

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Pan Set

The right pan set can make cooking more efficient and more enjoyable. These three-ply stainless steel saucepans from Le Creuset feature aluminium cores for fast, even heating. They offer the kind of performance that’s worthy of a golden anniversary. This is a gift that the recipient will be unlikely to buy for themselves but will enjoy using every day.

Gardening and Spending Time Outside:

Garden Bench

A stunning wooden bench is a great addition to any garden and the perfect place for two garden lovers to sit and enjoy each other’s company. This chunky four-foot seat is ideal for two and makes a memorable and wonderfully practical gift for a golden wedding. You could even give it a personal touch with a small golden plaque engraved with a simple message.

Garden Hand Tools

Hand tools, a trowel, spade and fork.

As you get older gardening can become more of a challenge; a high-quality toolset can make even the trickiest job simpler. This set of stainless steel hand tools will make planting and digging a breeze with their sharp edges and solid, comfortable handles. For keen gardeners, there is no better present than a set of top of range tools.

Solar Lights

Solar lights offer an affordable way to give a gift that can genuinely transform an outdoor space. These lamps have a flickering flame effect that makes them look like torches and perfectly matches the golden light they produce. Many people only use their garden during the day but these lights make it more attractive for a nighttime visit.

Travel and Holidays:

Solar Phone Charger

The more dependent we become upon portable technology like mobile phones, the more reliant we are on batteries. This 28watt solar charger will give your phone or other small device several hours of charge just from solar power. It’s convenient and exceptionally practical, particularly if travelling or on holiday.

Polycarbonate Four Wheel Suitcase

This suitcase from Antler Clifton won’t break the bank but it’s got several features that will prevent you from pulling a muscle as you attempt to drag it along. The polycarbonate shell keeps your belongings safe and can be adjusted to provide 75 litres of storage or 100 litres. The best feature though is the wheel arrangement that lets you switch between two and four as you need.

Memory Foam Travel Cushions

Memory foam travel pillow in grey

For a golden couple who love to travel, a pair of luxury memory foam travel cushions will be the perfect gift. Catching a plane can be tiring and uncomfortable but these neck supports make it easy to fall asleep wherever you are. The ergonomic design has been precisely shaped to provide maximum comfort and you won’t feel any of the uncomfortable seams you sometimes get with the inflatable options.


Qubii Photo Storage Drive

This simple storage drive is the ideal solution for people whose phone gets quickly filled up with photos. Once it’s been set up it can be plugged in and it will back up all of the pictures on the phone so you can be sure you’ll never lose them. This is an excellent golden wedding gift that will help the happy couple keep track of precious family photos. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to purchase a cable and SD card separately depending on what type of phone it will be connected to.

Bluetooth Tile Tracker

Tracker tile

Keys, remotes and other fiddly items need no longer go missing with these handy Bluetooth tracking tiles. You’re not going to find a present more practical than this; Simply attach a tile to any item that regularly gets lost, then when it’s missing log on to the app on your phone and activate it to make the tile ring. They can also be used to find a missing phone, just press the button on the tile to activate a loud tone on your phone.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is the ultimate in practical gifts; It can be programmed to activate every night leaving the lucky owner with nothing to do but sit back with a good book. Other than needing to empty it occasionally, once this incredible machine is working there’s nothing else to do just enjoy your clean home. What better gift is there than that? This Eufy Robovac from Anker has a smart navigation system and a powerful suction of 2000Pa.

Golden Couples
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