Traditional Golden Wedding Gifts

There are thousands of 50th wedding anniversary gifts out there but sometimes it’s best to stick to the time-honoured traditions. The traditional gift for 50 years of marriage is gold; The custom of giving gold gifts on this anniversary goes back to Ancient Rome when husbands gave their wives a gold wreath.

It’s easy to see why such an important milestone is worthy of marking with a gift of this precious metal. Not only does it look great but its non-corrosive character is the perfect metaphor for lasting love.

If you want to celebrate your own anniversary, the anniversary of a loved one, or surprise your friends with a generous gift then sticking with tradition is an excellent choice.

How to Choose a Traditional Gift

Because gold gifts can be expensive it’s important to get the right gift for the right person. Don’t just choose something based purely on the fact that it’s made of gold. Take some time to think if it matches the recipient’s interests or style. If you skip this step you run the risk of giving something that’s destined to collect dust in the back of a drawer.

If you opt for an item of jewellery or an accessory, do you think they’ll wear it? A great way to answer this is to look at things they already wear and use. Do they own any similar items? For example, if you’re thinking of buying cufflinks, have you ever seen them use cufflinks before? Someone who’s never worn cufflinks before is unlikely to start in their 70s, no matter how shiny they are.

Best Traditional Gifts for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

We’ve sorted through hundreds of gifts to bring you the best traditional gifts for a golden wedding:

1. Cufflinks

Gold cufflinks

These stunningly simple cufflinks are sterling silver plated with 18ct yellow or rose gold. They add the perfect finishing touch to any smart outfit without being ostentatious. If you like you can have initials or the date of the wedding engraved into the top surface.

If you’re looking for a traditional gift for someone who doesn’t wear jewellery and doesn’t have many other gold items this is a great choice. Cufflinks are small in size and can be worn discreetly without making the wearer feel uncomfortable or too flamboyant.

2. Earrings

Gold earrings

If you’re looking for a gift for a couple why not create the perfect his and hers pairing by matching these earrings with the cufflinks. These 5mm ball stud earrings are made with 18ct yellow and deliver classic elegance without trying too hard. The simple design means they’ll easily match with almost any outfit and can be paired with other gold items.

Traditional golden wedding gifts don’t get any better than this, they’re stunning yet understated enough that they can be worn regularly to act as an elegant reminder of the special day.

3. Pocket Watch

This incredible gold-plated pocket watch is a great gift for the golden bride or groom. It can either be carried around in a pocket or kept on display as a keepsake. The black face and exposed workings give it a slightly more contemporary feel and take it from being just any other pocket watch to something special. To make it even better you can get it engraved with initials or a personal message.

4. A Pair of Rings

Gold Rings

Rings are a great golden wedding gift particularly if it’s your anniversary you’re buying for. Because you’ll likely already have a wedding ring, you could look for something a little different; a ring to wear on a different finger or a ring to wear on special occasions. This set of 9ct textured wedding bands is a great option, it’s got that traditional appearance but it’s also different enough to not be exactly the same as a standard wedding band.

5. Pendant Necklace

This beautiful gold knot necklace holds a pearl in the centre and comes with a 46cm chain. It’s made from 9ct gold and is presented in a luxurious gift box. The intricate design means that it’s relatively lightweight and can be used with lots of different outfits and occasions. The beauty of wearing something like this is that it’s not overstated or gaudy, it acts as a subtle yet stylish reminder of a happy celebration.

6. Tie Clip

Gold tie clip

If you’re buying for someone who already has other gold accessories such as watches, cufflinks and rings a gold tie pin is a great option. It will work well with the other items and add an extra flourish to any suit and tie combination. This one from Not on the High Street is gold plated and 6 cm wide which is wide enough for most ties. It’s also the ideal size to engrave a short personal message.

7. Gold Plated Pen Set

Not only does a gold plated pen meet the criteria of the gold tradition, but it’s also ideal for those who prefer to put pen to paper instead of tapping their shopping lists into an app. This pair of gold plated Stratton rollerball and ballpoint pens is just the gift for the golden couple who still love to handwrite lists and letters. They’re exceptionally well presented and are so much more than your average pen.

8. Gold Preserved Rose

Gold covered Rose

A gift of flowers is a great way to mark an anniversary, but they don’t last for long. However, this particular rose has been electroplated with 24ct gold to produce a unique keepsake that will never wilt. It comes in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. Every care has been taken to preserve all the petals and create a gift that can be treasured for many more years.

Budget Gift Ideas

One of the problems with buying real gold gifts is that it’s so expensive. These ideas will help you stick to tradition without spending too much:

9. Gold Plated Coins/Tokens

Gold coin

Gold plated coins are surprisingly affordable and can be carried inside a wallet or purse as a treasured memento. You can either go for a coin like this engraved fifty pence piece, or you can get a token like this 24ct gold disc.

10. Letters of Congratulations

Another way to save money is to opt for a slightly different wedding anniversary tradition; Letters of congratulations are a simple and heartfelt way to wish any couple the best for their golden wedding anniversary and to recall memories of the wedding.

To turn this simple custom into a beautiful gift ask a few of the couples’ friends to contribute letters of congratulations and collect them in a presentation book like this one on Etsy. This is an affordable gift that’s simple to make but can be enjoyed and reread again and again.

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