Unusual Gifts: Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

It’s easy to get in a rut when choosing an anniversary gift, you can find yourself looking at the same boring items again and again without a hint of inspiration. This is especially true when you’re shopping for a golden wedding; You’re looking for something memorable but many of the gifts out there just fall into the same few categories with very little excitement or imagination.

That’s why we’ve created this list of unusual presents. If you’re a bit unusual, you’re buying for an unusual couple or you just want to find something that’ll stand out, we’ve got just the thing for you. This list is the best place to start if you want to be completely certain that you’ll be the only person giving this gift at the golden wedding party.

Best Unusual Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Here is our selection of the most unusual gifts you can get for a golden wedding anniversary:

Name a Star

Name a star certificate

This gift set allows you to name a star for the anniversary couple and present it to them in a delightful gift box. It’s not a normal gift but it’s ideal for a golden anniversary, what better representation of lasting love than a star that’s still burning after millions of years? This particular set is offered by ‘Planets for sale’ on Amazon and includes a heart-shaped Swarovski Crystal placed on a map to mark the star’s location.

Couples Jigsaw Keyring

This beautiful two-piece keyring is simple yet wonderfully unique. You can have the names of the golden couple engraved, one on each piece. The two pieces fit together perfectly as an amusing and heartfelt representation of their marriage. You can write a name on each piece in up to 70 characters and then choose a short 100 character message to be written across the pieces when they’re fixed together.

Soundwaves of a Favourite Song in Gold

Soundwaves song notation

Ideal for music lovers this is an unusual way to celebrate a favourite song. The sound waves of the music are printed in gold foil onto a white background. You can add a short personal message and your choice of frame. For a golden wedding present you could choose the couple’s favourite song or choose some music used at the wedding; the song played as the bride walked down the aisle or even the first dance music.

A Pair of Golden Gnomes

This cheeky pair of gnomes have been handmade to be the ideal 50th-anniversary gift. The gnomes themselves have the appearance of an older married couple and they’re decorated in appropriate gold outfits. They also both have 50 years written on them and their appearance is just the right amount of quirky. You can also add some small personalised details like having names on their hats and any other details you request.

Lord and Lady Titles

Lord & Lady Certificates

This could be the most unusual item on the list. Why not give the gift of lord or lady titles? These couples gift packs contain a personalised certificate, a title deed and a title crest postcard. The deed and certificate dedicate five square feet of land to the person named in the documents. This uses historic lord of the manor privileges to allow the use of the title lord or lady.

An Acre of the Moon

The gift of an acre of the moon is perfect for anyone or any two who are obsessed with all things space. In this gift set, they’ll get a lunar ownership deed and lots of interesting facts and graphics about the moon and the Apollo 11 mission. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that any ownership claims on the moon would be enforceable but you can’t beat the novelty value of this item.

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

If you’d rather that your moon-themed anniversary gift was something you can actually hold in your hands, why not go for this personalised moon lamp. You can have an image of your choice engraved onto the surface. It has a built-in battery, a wooden stand and a remote control to select from 16 colours. You can also adjust the brightness to your taste. This is the ideal night light with a personal touch well-suited to being gifted for an anniversary.

Custom Retro Picture Viewer

This retro red picture viewer comes with a customised 3D picture reel. Have your favourite pictures of the golden couple printed onto the reel to make the ideal novelty keepsake. If you had one of these great toys when you were young you’ll know how much fun they can be. It’s worth buying this gift well in advance because at first, you’ll receive the picture viewer and instructions on how to order your custom reel. Make sure you’ve got plenty of time to create and receive the reel before you gift it.

Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Orient Express Murder Mystery Puzzle

If you’re buying for someone who loves murder mysteries, this murder mystery jigsaw puzzle is just what you’re looking for. It puts a new interactive spin on a classic mystery and invites you to find clues and solve the murder as you build the puzzle. Even the picture on the puzzle is a mystery, with nothing revealed on the box itself. This isn’t your standard anniversary gift but it’s all the better for that.

Hand Casting Kit

This incredibly personal hand casting set is a great way to create a stunning keepsake to be treasured for many years. What better celebration of 50 years of marriage than a 3D copy of the golden couple’s clasped hands. The kit contains everything you need and once complete it will set in less than 5 minutes. This isn’t a tricky plaster of Paris set it uses colour changing chromatic alginate to cast the hands and high-quality stone plaster to capture every detail.

Claw Novelty Slippers

Claw Slippers

These snuggly slippers will keep all four feet warm. Fluffy but with a touch of claw they’re ideal for a cold winter evening. They come in a range of sizes and a choice of four different colours. There’s no doubt that this is a thoughtful gift but it’s also one that no one will ever expect.

Golden Couples
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